1 day left on Kickstarter!

A project log for Open Actuator System: Maker Muscle

Customizable linear actuators made easy....and cheaper.

DeezmakerDeezmaker 06/20/2017 at 22:110 Comments

Only a few hours left on the Kickstarter campaign, so If you want to get in on the deals, there's only 1 day left and we are at 96%. Help us meet the goal and fund this project. I have the original 3D scanner robot in the works that was the inspiration of the Maker Muscle, and if it gets funded by tomorrow, it'll be done better and much faster! Help spread the word on the last hours of the Maker Muscle Kickstarter. Thanks!

Picture below is the current progress on the 3D scanner using the Maker Muscle. It's going to be telescoping and much lighter the my previous iteration. Still a few more pieces to design, but it's coming out nice.