FPV RunCam OWL Plus camera connection and VLC settings

A project log for RC - based security vehicle with measuring station

This is ongoing project of the RC - based security vehicle with measuring station

codersilvercodersilver 07/17/2017 at 10:320 Comments

Testing RunCam OWL Plus with TS832 transmitter and RC832 receiver. Real-time image preview is done on a laptop via VLC.

In this project log entry I've used the following electronic components:

1. RUNCAM OWL Plus Mini FPV Camera -

2. TS832S + RC832 5.8GHz 600MW 40CH FPV -

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone and this receiver:

3. Gold Model 5.8G 150-channel OTG FPV Receiver -

4. LogiLink Video Grabber - you can also use a cheaper counterparts:

5. Lipo battery 7.4V -

The following video shows you step by step how to connect the fpv camera to the TS832 transmitter and the RC832 receiver to the laptop.