Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi Model B+ This will handle all the processing, storage of the games, and controller for the Joysticks and Butons. https://acrobotic.com/acs-00003?___SID=U
1 × SD Card (8 or more GB) Loaded with Raspbian OS This will be the hard drive for the Raspberry Pi. https://acrobotic.com/acs-00003?___SID=U
1 × Micro USB Power Supply. This will power the Raspberry Pi Arcade. 5V, 1A will work fine. https://acrobotic.com/pwr-00020?___SID=U
6 × Arcade Buttons https://acrobotic.com/btn-00009?___SID=U
1 × Arcade Joystick (SANWA) https://acrobotic.com/acs-00013?___SID=U
1 × Female/Female Jumper Wires To connect the buttons, and joystick straight into the Raspberry Pi. https://acrobotic.com/cbl-00011?___SID=U
1 × Arcade/Button Quick-Connect Terminals. This will make life easier. But not necessary.
1 × Hookup Wire This will be used to wire all your buttons and joystick to ground.
1 × Surge Protector To power all the devices that will nest inside of your arcade cabinet.
1 × Computer Fan / Computer Grill To keep the interior of the cabinet cool.
1 × LCD Monitor with HDMI/DVI IN. This will be your display.
1 × DVI/HDMI Male to Male or VGA/HDMI Male to Male Cable. Dependent of the LCD Monitor you choose. https://acrobotic.com/cbl-00016?___SID=U
1 × Powered Computer Speakers. http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-980-000417-Speakers-Z130/dp/B003CP0OT2/ref=dp_ob_image_ce
1 × Keyboard/Mouse For navigation/programming on the Raspberry Pi. https://acrobotic.com/acs-00009?___SID=U
1 × Building Materials Wood, Foam, Acrylic