Warranties, etc

A project log for Fochica - Forgotten Child in Car Alert

Fochica, forgotten child in car alert, is a no hassle, low cost and extensible system that helps prevent forgetting children in vehicles

arikArik 04/19/2017 at 06:260 Comments

When you are dealing with a project that is tied to people’s lives (for good and bad) it is important to set precise boundaries and expectations. The last thing that I expect is somebody not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, getting hurt and then blaming Fochica and its creators for what happened. This is why the following terms and conditions are very important.

The entire project is subject to a Disclaimer. The key note is that Fochica is backup and not a replacement for your own responsibilities.

The device’s source code is licensed under the GPLv3 and the app has its own detailed EULA. The project is in Beta and free. Do not expect any kind of warranties. Please review the agreements to understand your obligations.