Next steps #2

A project log for Fochica - Forgotten Child in Car Alert

Fochica, forgotten child in car alert, is a no hassle, low cost and extensible system that helps prevent forgetting children in vehicles

arikArik 04/29/2017 at 16:270 Comments

Since launching the project at it got great publicity. It was featured on Instructables, it got covered on and it was shared on some Arduino Facebook groups (including the official group). I got a lot of feedback and here are my takeaways.

To address these issues, I am planning a few TODOs. First, I will try to do better at explaining the problem, mostly through directing readers to excellent resources that already exist about the subject. Second, I started to write a wiki for the project, which will have detailed instructions for everybody who is interested in building a Fochica. Third, I will be working on laying the circuit on a protoboard or PCB in an elegant form.

In addition to the above, there are some takeaways that I have as a result of using the device for some time now in my own car. Some of them have already been mentioned in past build logs.

These are just “R&D” action items that I need to do. While doing that I will also be working with people who expressed interest in building a Fochica and with those who will be sending feedback.

Thanks for the support and feedback so far! More is welcome. Please follow if you want to get updates and like if you liked the project.