Went ahead and built it to a certain degree.

https://github.com/dackdel/circuitGif here is the code for the circuit gif generator. incomplete.

https://github.com/dackdel/Search-Identify code for being able to use octoparts api and identify components based on what was detected by the identifier.

https://github.com/dackdel/Resistor this is the resistor detector (the same one that can be found on labs.ankkit.com)

Just trying to make it easier for noobies to get in and starting creating or repairing electronics. This is even before learning how to use the multimeter or maybe this is a future multimeter device that can look up any component you place on it and provide you with a datasheet + youtube videos of how to use it + an octopart search for the particular compnent you placed on the identifier.


Component Identifier: Breadboard Sticky Note