According to the Top 10 Causes of Death Report by CDC, Road Injuries hit in several country including my country, Thailand that 4 percent of death is a result of the vehicle accident. Frequently, the serious accidents occur at nighttime; in that case, it might be not caught sight of other people then the victim who is unable to call some emergency services by himself don’t get help at the right time. With Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System, an alerting message which contains accident’s time and location sent automatically by the particular device embedded in a vehicle to emergency and relief agencies. So, they can rush to the accident and help the victim in time.

I use the amazing AWS IoT along with SNS, DynamoDB and Lambda for this project. AWS IoT enables communication between Internet-connected vehicle-embedded devices and the AWS cloud over MQTT. About alert services, AWS SNS is used for alerting an involved person via E-mail and Real-time Framework handle a real-time messaging task. DynomoDB is used for store accident information such as car number, time, latitude and longitude. Indispensably, AWS Lambda take a role of a manager who invokes the other services.

In order to assembly with real vehicle, this system need connecting with some crash sensors like front impact sensors and receiving a crashing signal from the sensors before invoke overall system function.