Oscilloscopy Assistant

Share your measurements on cloud in real-time with professionals and get helped

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As an embedded software engineer sometimes I need assistance of an electronic engineer. I don't have enough time to learn electronics, but I wish I could. Anyway I do what I can do and decide to code for solving this problem.
I will develop a service and a web application to share your measurements on cloud in real-time with professionals, so that you can get helped as fast as possible. Upload your circuit-related files (or take photo of your circuit and tag the components), connect probes, open service and share your problem with our professionals. Our professionals will give the best for you, just relax and take your time.
In the first phase I will use one of the cheapest PC-based oscilloscopes for this project, Hantek 6022BE. I know PC-based oscilloscopes are not for professionals but my first goal is to help with low speed PCBs. If project gets enough support, another backends for devices and electronic measurement equipments (logic analyzers, multimeter) will be developed.

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