Setting the development environment on Linux

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After the Good and the Bad here you are the Ugly USB!

danjovicdanjovic 06/01/2017 at 01:160 Comments

In order to continue the development on my Linux machine, it was necessary to:

1) Install the Arduino IDE

Download and unpack the Arduino IDE 1.8.2

Read the installation guide, but before proceed to the installation it might be necessary to edit the installation script.

If you get errors during installation try this:

Edit the script and edit the following line:

Change it to :


then run the ./install script (note: without sudo!!)

2) Install the Digispark support add-on

3) Create a udev rule to allow the micronucleus bootloader to work without being root.

This file shall be created as a root. In Ubuntu:

sudo mousepad /etc/udev/rules.d/49-micronucleus.rules

mousepad is the name of the text editor. Can be either gedit, vi, emacs, etc...