2013-Jul-31 - Rocketometer has been integrated

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kwan3217kwan3217 04/05/2017 at 12:560 Comments

The rocketometer is now an integral part of the rocket payload. It is mechanically attached to the CCD heater card, a part of the payload which is the real purpose for this flight. It has power and ground connections to charge the battery, but power is only available for the first 9 minutes of the 15-minute flight, which doesn't even include reentry, the most dynamically interesting part of the flight -- so, the LiPo battery cell is there charging from the power input, but powering the board itself when the external power goes out. That is what makes the Rocketometer an independent spacecraft, even though it is physically bolted to another spacecraft.

Attached to the CCD heater card
In the control section card cage

And here we have a short video demonstrating the size of the Rocketometer: