2013-Oct-10 - Calibration

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kwan3217kwan3217 04/05/2017 at 13:110 Comments

It's kinda weird, but it turns out that C++ is the best language for processing Rocketometer data. There is a cool library NewMat which creates appropriate operator overloads to do matrices in C++, and I have extended it to include quaternions. C++ was doing in minutes what it was taking IDL hours. However, it took me 5 days to translate from IDL to C++, so I had better process a lot of data to ever get that time back.

The time that the Rocketometer spends in zero gravity may be the most valuable calibration time I ever get. Zero acceleration, zero rotation, and I expect a wide range of temperatures.

Remember that the goal of this is to get something into space, but that goal requires no further effort on my part to achieve. The secondary goal is to be able to calibrate the data and report something useful to Tom. The long-term goal though is to measure the track of Space Mountain.

So I am putting something in Space to get it ready for a roller coaster.

That made me laugh.