2013-Oct-21 - IT WORKED!!!

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Flight-proven Do-it-yourself Spacecraft

kwan3217kwan3217 04/05/2017 at 16:530 Comments

I turned the Rocketometer over to the rocket guys back in July, and had no contact with it until after the flight today. It had been exposed to every environment it was going to see except for vacuum, but I still had no confidence that it would work.

Well, it did.

The first time I stuck the SD card into my computer after the flight, it said "what card?"

That was disappointing.

It took a few minutes for the computer to recognize the card, but when it did, I saw that it had recorded 419 MiB in 66 files. One of the last was also the longest, so I ran it through my quick extraction program, then through IDL, and saw the characteristic acceleration pulse during first and second stage.

The first thing I did after that was press the Victory button on my phone:

No one else in the lab either heard that or got it, so I had to shout, "It Worked!!!".Now I have to analyze the data...