DualJoy PortaPi

A portable Raspberry Pi focused on RetroGaming Usability

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This is a simple application of making a protable raspberry pi that has an ececs of controls. This is mainly to have a comfortable feel, and still be usable for some retro gaming. As I am using a 10Ah phone battery charger, i should get about 8 hours of life when running the screen off of the system.

1x raspPi B+

1x adafruit 7 inch LCD screen

1x cheap and butchered hdmi cable

1x cheap USB to min-USB cable

$3 of hardboard

a number of screws

a number standoffs that i found

1x teensy

2x joysticks

12x tact buttons

  • First day

    Alex Harper07/27/2014 at 01:37 0 comments

    Got almost all of it done. It is a saturday so i slept in and only started after lunch. I have gotten some hardboard cut that is the main structure.

    Parts done:

    * screen imbeded

     * screen button controls embeded

         * with proper button covers

     * proper holes made for all the game controls

     * add the posts that hold the back and front

     * soldered up the buttons, joysticks, and teensy

     * mounted some of the electronics

    left to do

     * butcher another USB cable to make the teensy --> PI connection

     * wire up the raspPi power

     * mount the battery pack

     * program the teensy

     * test (and charge the battery)

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