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A project log for TerraPreta

Continuous Pyrolysis Biochar Production Reducing waste and returning nutrients to the soil

ricardo-martinezRicardo Martinez 07/18/2017 at 19:550 Comments

During our Temperature Behavior tests we found that the heat that was being introduced to the system was not enough to get to the desired working temperature, and although it was not necessarily a bad value (just below 400ºC), it required to be increased. At the same time, we could determine that the first version of our insulation cover was working, but in order to increase the temperature to its maximum possible values avoiding all potential losses, we required to enhance that part of the system. We modified our initial prototype with a larger heating element and a thicker insulating layer to keep the heat inside the reactor, also we noticed that the first prototype was very difficult to service, so we changed the design as a series of pieces that fitted modularly. Here we present to you our new prototype:

We're satisfied to report that in preliminary temperature behavior tests, we got a considerably higher temperature (>700ºC) than the one initially achieved, thus assuring that the system is already able to process the organic waste into Biochar. In the next Logs, we'll be providing more information about how the system is working.