A project log for Pi0CKET - Clicker

To get the true Pi zero experience in your pocket, we are gonna need some buttons!!

mooseprmoosepr 04/07/2017 at 19:250 Comments

After a bit of a chat with Wai Lun I am now aware of a few projects which use the TI chip TCA8418. For those of you who are unaware of this chip (as i was 24 hours ago!) it basically handles the 'keyboard' duties of a project, including scanning the rows/columns for keypresses, debouncing, and all the other things that can make keyboards hard to implement. As an extra bonus, the pi communicates with the device via i2c, meaning that up to 80 buttons can be added to the pi, using just 2 pins!! that is a mega plus!

I have added a little bit more to the board, namely the TCA8418 chip, battery socket, and the charge/protect module i have used in the past. nothing is linked, so again DO NOT ORDER THIS!!

Order from OSH Park