Look but dont touch?

A project log for Pi0CKET - Clicker

To get the true Pi zero experience in your pocket, we are gonna need some buttons!!

mooseprmoosepr 04/08/2017 at 20:440 Comments

So i have been pondering the screen. The 2.8 inches wont reallly cut it for photo editing or word processing, but its ok for quick bits of hacking, or basic coding.

if any of you have used the cheap resistive touch overlays that these small screens come with, you will know that they are not the greatest. inaccurate, unresponsive, pretty naff really.

so im going to make a decision, and negate the touch, removing the need for another conroller chip, and another driver.

maybe some mouse emulation on the cursor keys (nav switch) might be a good way round it...