feature creep?

A project log for Pi0CKET - Clicker

To get the true Pi zero experience in your pocket, we are gonna need some buttons!!

mooseprmoosepr 08/22/2017 at 10:200 Comments

So i got everything as i wanted it, then i thought 'oh wouldnt it be great if we had access to gpio'. so after much shuffling i found that i didnt really have the space (was thinking of using the space each side of the screen) and was tempted to just leave it. While doing other things i had a brainwave that i could use a hotplate to sink gpio headers into the pi (crazy thinking). then the lightbulb came on, and i thought 'why not use smd headers!!' this would then mean that its nice and easy to solder the pi on, and it also adds the advantage of being able to use hats (could even pop a pi3 on there with minimal effort!!)

So then things move on from there, and i had the idea of moving all the components under the pi, so the bare bit of board behind the keyboard can have a nice hunk of battery attached to it with no components getting in the way. Some messing about and it might work!! 

back to the routing!!