*Update 2 nov 2017*

Unfortunately I could get the ili 9327 to work on the stm32. So I opted for a dp5020 module instead to get the project finished and working. More on that soon.


Getting the ili9327 TFT Touchscreen to work with stm32 is quite more challenging as I expected as there are no easy to use libraries available.


The toner transfer method seems to work ok for low resolution prints. Also the method using spray paint seems to work much better with my toner. I will try to use this for the build.

Right now I'm printing the cover for the fan on the bottom.


The blank PCB's have arrived and I need to try different methods for making a custom pcb.


-toner transfer method

-plotting lines on pcb with 3D printer

-milling pcb with 3D printer

-uv transfer method