An IOT unattended 3D printer w/ auto eject sys

A 3d printer system that can be operated by multiple people that just spits out parts placed in the queue

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This is a project that combines multiple things together.

A web based interface for uploading stl files to a server that manages a 3d printer (Or multiple printers) queue.

Server side slicing of the stl file.

Gcode preview in web browser.

Approval of model to print.

3d printer control software (gcode sender) that connects to the server and can retrieve print jobs.

Hardware to perform auto ejection of part from 3d printer.

See the following presentation for details about the system.

So this is one of the first tests.

Link to the git hub for the GCODE sender written in BASIC

Link to the github for the web based queue and slicing software (PHP laravel and mysql reqd)

This is the latest video

This is a really old video with first printer

  • 1 × Delta 3D printer I am using a Kossel Delta (About 230$ shipped on ebay)
  • 1 × Incjet printer An incjet printer that is able to spit out paper that can fall on the build plate of the 3d printer (50$ at best buy)
  • 1 × Elastic ribbon This is for the winch mechanism
  • 1 × Plywood with sooth surface for printer table and trap door
  • 2 × Hinge For build plate paper clamp
  • 1 × Old net book to use for GCODE sender
  • 1 × A http server than can run a php laravel project and has mysql
  • 1 × Extra stepper motor To act as a winch

  • 3D Printer auto eject system overview presentation

    mmiscoola day ago 0 comments

    Made a little presentation about the system. Talks about how all the componets work together.

  • Automated 3d printer ejection system has worked

    mmiscool2 days ago 0 comments

    3d printer auto eject has worked for about 15 convective prints and is still running. Felling pretty happy right about now.

  • 3d printer auto eject system is 100% working

    mmiscool3 days ago 0 comments

    Today I worked on the printer a bit more.

    Made some changes to the gcode for the print start and stop. And glued a few pices or rubber I cut from a rubber band on the bottom of the printer table to provide some grip to hold the paper in place.

    See the video below. I will be updating the git hub over the next few days with some more polished code and some instructions on how to set this up with your own printer.

  • Success with making the trap door move and dropping print

    mmiscool4 days ago 0 comments

    So got another update.

    Got an extra stepper hooked up the printer. Set up the firmware to use it.

    And ran a test for the whole system.

    Still have a few tweeks to go.

  • Built the new table to hold printer and mocked up trap door

    mmiscool6 days ago 0 comments

    built the table and have mocked up the trap door.

    See the video.

  • New concept for 3d printer auto eject and new printer

    mmiscool04/21/2017 at 04:07 0 comments

    so here is a video outlining the build so far.

    It ilustrates the concept and shows the progress from this week. If you want to see the software please look at the video from the first build log.

  • Got the new Delta kit and assembled it

    mmiscool04/20/2017 at 15:40 0 comments

    So I got the new Delta kit and assembled it. I assembled it upside down so that the motors are on the top. I did not install the print bed. This is so that the print bed can be below the printer with a trap door mechanism. I plan to use the spare motor diver for a second extruder to drive the stepper for the trap door. Will post some pictures soon and update the GitHub repos with the new code.

  • Ordered a new delta 3d printer

    mmiscool04/13/2017 at 20:19 0 comments

    So i have a new delta 3d printer on its way.

    Got a new plan for the automatic removal mechanism. Can any one say trap door. It will be easier when the build plate dose not have to move durring printing.

    I think i will post up some sketches here about the new design. It still uses an incjet printer to push out a pice of paper to use as a disposable build plate with the job details on it.

    Hopefully will get some more details flowwing here soon.

  • I ordered a new printer.

    mmiscool04/09/2017 at 03:23 0 comments

    So a new delta printer is on order. I plan to have a new set of details about how the delat will work with the web based print cueue set up. I am going to be employing a trap door inder the peice of paper to make the web based and fully autonomouse print cueue system a reality. As soon as i have any forward progres i will post another video and comit new source code.

    My full vision for the future is to have web based design software along with the the 3d printing capability. I hate that all the curent interventionless 3d print techonolgy is pattented. I want to build my 3d printer auto eject functionaly to use no pattented tech and work in an open source ecosystem. I will post project updates as they beocome available with source and info how to replicate. Stay tuned. It will be about 1 week for the new 3d printer to arrive.

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mmiscool wrote 3 hours ago point

So the printer is fully working now. Been printing a whole bunch of stuff on it.

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mmiscool wrote 5 hours ago point

You know you want auto ejection for your 3d printer !!!!

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mmiscool wrote 04/22/2017 at 13:31 point

That is good. Really trying to pull all the parts together for this.
So far I have had a working prototype (The one that sent the pice of paper flying at the end. The next one will be better with the trap door concept and positive clamping provided by applying pressure trap door plate.

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David Scholten wrote 04/21/2017 at 12:38 point

This project makes me so damn happy :)

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mmiscool wrote 5 hours ago point

I upload a new video with things working. 

I have been print and continuing to print with out any problems so far. Just need yo make sure i keep loading up the paper. 

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mmiscool wrote 04/21/2017 at 04:11 point

really can't wait to have this fully working. 

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