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A project log for Robot 3D printer auto eject sys & web print queue

A 3d printer system that can be operated by multiple people that just spits out parts placed in the web based print queue

mmiscoolmmiscool 12/23/2018 at 22:080 Comments

We have been working on this project nearly non stop for the past year and are nearing the point of bringing a printer to market and opening up the cloud platform to people an institutions for use with there existing printers. 

It has been a long road. A new ejection system concept had to be proven out and tested and after months of running printers using this system we feel we are at the point of finalizing the hardware design and releasing the printer to the world. 

We have lots of exciting features and still have a ways to go before we go live to the public. 

In the mean time we would like to extend an invitation to folks who are familiar with hacking around on raspberry PIs and with 3d printers to access the platform and test with there own printers. 

If you are interested in testing the platform with your existing 3d printer send an email to drop*no spam*at*