Moved the server to a Windows Server 2016 box and broke thumbnail images

A project log for Robot 3D printer auto eject sys & web print queue

A 3d printer system that can be operated by multiple people that just spits out parts placed in the web based print queue

mmiscool 07/29/2017 at 12:200 Comments

So i was minding my own business and just getting the server software for this project set up on a VPS in the cloud when all of a sudden my thumbnail images of the 3d models stopped working.

I have been using open SCAD to render thumbnail images of my parts but it seemed that on my new windows 2016 VM it would not work. I had to scower the web for a while to find MESA open GL dll files in order to make it work.

I know. You all are going to say "If you used linux you would not have those problems". Well that's true and I think that every thing would have worked on linux with out any kind of extra work. It runs on Mac OS no problem (Freind has been testing it with mac os).

Well all's well then ends well. We have working thumbnail generation and it;s all running on a VPS so that a great thing.