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A project log for Robot 3D printer auto eject sys & web print queue

A 3d printer system that can be operated by multiple people that just spits out parts placed in the web based print queue

mmiscoolmmiscool 09/03/2017 at 02:510 Comments

So me and a buddy started working on the next iteration of the 3d printer. This one is made out of all that fancy aluminum channel. 

This iteration will use the stationary blade design. It will be a bit different in that the blade will be spring loaded. It will be pressed against the print surface at an angle when it is retracted. There will be several benifits outlined it videos of the new printer in operation. 

Also another guy at the maker space has been working on an install script to install and configure a rasberry pi to be used as the gcode receiver. The current gcode receiver is written as a bash script using pronterface print run to actually send the gcode to the printer. There are some new features coming. 

We also worked out adding some physical buttons to a pi and making a variation of the bash script to run regular prusa style printers. This new script uses the two physical buttons to control actions at the end of the print. One button sends a msg to the server that a print failed and the other allows the printer to fetch a new print from the server after the user has scraped it off the print bed. 

This makes it even easier to use the system with existing 3d printers making it ideal for maker spaces.

Things just keep improving. Make sure to stop by our booth at maker fair new york in September. We will have at least 1 printer working automatically the whole time ejection parts as is finishes.