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Open Source CAN Bus Based Servo Stepper for Multi Axis Gang Control

GrayPillowGrayPillow 05/23/2017 at 14:180 Comments

AnanasStepper 1.0

based on Arduino (avr328p)


  1. AMS5600 AMS5601 and Quadrature Encoder Supported
  2. Step & direction inputs
  3. Intelligent Tuning of the Motor Current
  4. Up to 30Khz Pulse Input Supported
  5. Up to 60Khz Stepper Driver PWM with Trapezoid Acceleration
  6. Internal PID Speed Controller


  1. A4988 and Drv8825 supported.
  2. PWM DA function supported.With the Tale: PWM frequence needs to be up to 10Khz
ICdivider resistanceCapacitance5V3.3V

circuit: voltage division circuit with a Capacitance(0.1uf)
More Info: A4988 and Drv8825datasheet.

Application of AnanasStepper

Decorating Master

This production joined the 2016 China-US Young Maker competition,luckily!

Decorating Master, this is a 5 axis teaching robot for make cream flowers ,which can record the position of all motors and reply later on.

The follow is the video of first demo.