Improve CANable

A project log for AnanasStepper 2.0 - 3.0

Open Source CAN Bus Based Servo Stepper for Multi Axis Gang Control

GrayPillowGrayPillow 07/09/2017 at 16:001 Comment

I really like to use USB-CAN adapter to connect AnanasStepper with PC rasberryPi or BBB. So I try to improve CANable. Now it gets a nice performance about max 4000 frames per second (receive or send)


ethanzonca wrote 04/18/2018 at 00:14 point

Hey, it's Ethan (the CANable guy). Just stumbled on your post, nice CANable clone! I was also wondering what technique you used to increase throughput--always looking to improve the mainline CANable/CANtact firmware. Do you have any details on your changes? Thanks and awesome work!

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