#8 - PCBs are in, components are on their way + crowdfunding plans

A project log for MAD - Modular Audio Devices

A set of Eurorack modules to control synths, make custom MIDI-compatible interfaces and USB audio, powered by Teensy 3.6

Michele PerlaMichele Perla 09/19/2017 at 10:440 Comments

Quick update:

I received the PCBs for the modules I've developed until now; Eurocircuits did an amazing job. 

Here's the front of the panels:

And here's the back:

I also received the AK4558ENs from Digikey, as well as a Xilinx XC9572xl development board to test the IOAPEX functionality while waiting for the components to be shipped.

Finally, I also got a reflow oven to make the soldering job much easier and faster. I can't wait to solder these beauties and test them thoroughly.

I can only afford to make one full kit plus an extra CORE module, just to show that the 4 ins 4 outs functionality is there. 

As soon as I got this first version tested, and as soon as I know the real SNR, THD+N specs of the IN and OUT modules I'll publish them. The simulations show amazing performance at 1KHz (way above the AK4558 specs) but the real world is a different thing.

About the crowdfunding: I have the intention of starting the campagin ASAP, that means as soon as I got the protos done; also I have the intention of starting one campaign just for the CORE module because I really don't think I can handle a campaign with 9 boards to produce, it would get messy with the boards, it would get messy financially, it would get messy bureaucratically... BUT! I'd really like to make other campaigns soon after the first one to get the other boards out on the market.