Frame and body interaction

A project log for 'Bird of Prey' VTOL UAV drone

Flight time and versatility will be vastly extended using a combination of multirotor and blended wing technologies. 04/20/2017 at 21:290 Comments

For a lot of my projects (Raptor V-tail, Laser Rifle, RasPi SmartZoom, etc.) aesthetics are important. In some circumstances, I place form above function, but mostly I try to find a happy fusion of these two aspects of design.

For the Bird of Prey, I think this fusion is easily achievable. Some of my design ideas:

- biomorphic frame design

- translucent skin on wings to provide a view of frame/internals

- frame can be flown as multicopter without skin in high wind conditions

- streamlined cover of sensor payload (camera, LIDAR, etc)