STOP! Hammer Time! (Printing PETG)

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Peter FröhlichPeter Fröhlich 04/08/2017 at 19:490 Comments

Today i had the urge to work with something tangible and so i decided to tackle the challenge of printing PETG again, this time with much better results!

There is a bit of a problem with stringing and the supports, the best solution should be to re-orient the part and print it without support.

The parts are much, much stronger then PLA so i had to see how they react to excessive force.

After the application of the calibrated thumb detector i was surprised how the parts failed, despite being printed in layers they behave much more like a solid object when braking.

There are no breaks or separations along the layers, instead the parts shatters, this is not ideal but there was a decent amount of force necessary until they broke.

I think i will be printing an entire set of parts and see how they hold up when assembled.