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A project log for Brightenmacher

A biodegradable flashlight, build with recycled laptop batteries that you can repair yourself.

Peter FröhlichPeter Fröhlich 04/17/2017 at 20:290 Comments

You may have noticed that i did not yet upload the actual PCB and schematic files and that has a reason.

They are messy, so the past days i have been tidying them up and have been doing the most uninteresting things.

The one that needs the most work is, overhauling my libraries.

They are a mess grown over the last 10 years with found ones from the internet, custom ones i made myself and the stock ones with lots of abused parts.

Organizing and condensing all that into a few libraries still takes more work then i thought and is a still ongoing process.

After that has been sorted out, there will be actual updates again.