Source files and switches

A project log for Brightenmacher

A biodegradable flashlight, build with recycled laptop batteries that you can repair yourself.

Peter FröhlichPeter Fröhlich 04/25/2017 at 20:210 Comments

Just saw that the light made it to the Hackaday blog today, two things which came to mind that i have not talked about much, i think.

At the moment there are two things missing on this project and one big thing that needs to be fixed. Lets talk about the missing things first.

Source files! There are none.

My firmware is jury-rigged together with bits of string and old chewing gum, when that has been fixed, there will be source code for this.

No Gerbers either, you may have seen my log entry about that from earlier today, i think i finalized the design and overhauled the schematic.

Once the boards get here from china, there will be source files for that as well, i just do not want to put something on the web i have not verified myself first.

And the last bit is about the switches, this is just barely more then a proof of concept at this point.

The whole switch mechanism will have to be overhauled, it needs to be recessed and fortified against negligent activation.

After all, this is a prototype at this moment, not a finished product.