Full HD digital camera

Customize a FPGA based digital camera

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Customize a digital camera becomes more and more popular in today’s embedded vision designs. Designers are allowed to select between different optical components, image sensors and computer interfaces to meet their design requirements.
The main image processor chip is the most critical component in digital camera system. Usually, these are several options such as video DSP, digital still controller, high-level ARM and FPGA.
This project use FPGA as main image processor to implement:
1) Transmit image stream to LCD.
2) Support up to 1920 x 1080, 30fps.
3) Support real-time AWB, AEC, AGC.
4) Support Auto focus.
5) Support user’s ISP functions.
RGGBer campaign is now live on

This project is powered by RggBer which is the FPGA based development kit for embedded vision. Visit RggBer hardware specification project to have more information.

RGGBer campaign is now live on 

System level diagram of this digital camera

The image stream path is shown in below board level diagram in details. As the gray dash line, FPGA receives Bayer pixel data from iXCIS which connect to CIS module then stores it in DDR2 frame buffer. The orange dash line indicates that FPGA takes the pixels from DDR2 and processes them with de-mosaic then transmits the RGB888 data to HDMI TX chip.

FPGA project and MCU project are shared with you on github.

We have successfully verified OV5640 AF CIS module and OV5640 wide viewing angle CIS module on RggBer.

OV5640 sensor chip provides built-in AWB, AEC, AGC and AF. All these are controlled and configured by I2C port of MCU. FPGA is dedicated to timing critical task.

Let’s have a look at the image quality.

It is also a smooth video stream.

Auto focus to barcode

Auto focus to characters

The speed of AF is about 3 seconds.

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