Fldigi Python API and Unkind Demo Gods

A project log for 2m FSQ Beacon

Sounding beacon for FSQ digital mode on 2m band

scott-braggScott Bragg 05/04/2017 at 07:430 Comments

Two bits of news.

I've recently gotten around to querying fldigi using the pyfldigi Python module. This needs Python3 since it makes use of xmlrpc.client which I could not find on Python2. If you take a look at the project source on Github in the reast-presentation directory I have a Jupyter notebook of me trying out some fldigi commands connecting to localhost (again I couldn't get it to bind to anything but).

However it looks like fldigi.text.get_rx_data() always returned b'' which was strange. Then I thought the FSQ I was sending out the Arduino beacon was wrong somehow which is why the decodes were not getting into the RX window to be 'get'ed by the API. So a bit of a brick wall there but I will persevere.

Update: I was told that MY callsign needs to have a CRC added to it and perhaps if that is not correct then the decodes are not happening.

The other bit of news is that I gave a short presentation at the REAST club rooms on Wednesday 3rd May. I've added the slides and Jupyter notebooks from that presentation to the source repo.