Wireless control to video devices

BLE4.0 wireless control

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Be able to do remote control for your video device such as an surveillance camera is quite necessary in some case. Bluetooth is a good choice for this purpose because the Android mobile phone well supports this wireless connectivity.This Bluetooth control system contains two parts, Android App software and BLE4.0 hardware on video device. All the design resources are open.
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This project is based on RggBer which is the FPGA based development kit for embedded vision. Visit RggBer hardware specification project to have more information.

RggBer uses BLE4.0 to UART module to connect MCU and Android mobile. The module works as bridge mode, MCU can communicate with the mobile bi-directionally through module’s UART. User is allowed to define own protocols to communicate with mobile.

The red dash line indicates that MCU receives and parses the Bluetooth protocol data then send the commands and parameters to FPGA via SPI interface. The blue dash line indicates that MCU receives feedbacks from FPGA via SPI interface and package them with defined protocol to Bluetooth master device.

App software and MCU project are shared with you on github.

The wireless control system supports multi-slave device which means the mobile can connect to more than one RggBer.

In user type mode, you can test if the protocols are correctly parsed by MCU. For example, you may type “<CHKHW>” and send it to MCU to check whether MCU send the “(RggBer)” as respond.

The mode of controlling Full HD digital camera

The mode of controlling 1080P@60fps graphics accelerator card

The mode of controlling High speed image network system

The mode of controlling entry-level ADAS device

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