Alternate Reality Game Platform

Activate your community with a new game that alters reality.

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Turn your next party, gathering, or big event into an engaging alternate reality game (ARG) with these OSHW/OSS puzzles. Use the devices out-of-the-box with their pre-programmed game experience, or make your own ARG! These reprogrammable devices come with a deceptively simple set of inputs and outputs that give you thousands of possibilities to design your own interactive experience. Keep your game going for months across an entire city or college campus, and between dozens or even thousands of people, or make it into a small experience that lasts for a fun evening. Have a blast in your own alternate reality.
  • 1 × ATMega32u4 Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 4 × WS2812B LEDs
  • 3 × 1 Mohm Trim Potentiometer
  • 1 × USB Connector
  • 1 × Panasonic Tactile Switch

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