This concept also allows the maker to build the machine and its capacities to make use of materials that are desired to be worked. This Mill is easily scaled up to accommodate larger stock if desired by simply using longer guide rails and a longer leadscrew, while everything else remains the same. Being inexpensive, the machine can be duplicated and a user can make several, each for specific purposes if desired.

I decided to go back to basics and make a Mill version that was as simple and basic as possible. While all of my machines thus far have used joystick or mouse to control, this one is just simply handwheel cranked.
I used the same DC motor as the others, but redesigned the axis for handwheel motion as shown.
I took pictures of the main assemblies before assembling for clarity.
The nice thing about these designs is that they are highly portable and can be taken anywhere.
Table is T slotted for easy clamping of fixtures and jigs for workholding.
This as well as all my other machines was printed in ABS.