V2.3.1 Released

A project log for rDUINOScope Boiana

FREE and Open Source, Arduino Due based Telescope Control GOTO

Dessislav GouzgounovDessislav Gouzgounov 08/23/2017 at 11:220 Comments

Dear All,

The new incremental version of the software is available for download now on the project's website. It addresses few changes in the hardware, so be aware when you update:

The following changes apply:

Some of the new features:

- Added additional Bluetooth commands to allow "blind" (no screen) operations using rDUINOScope Controller software;

- Added support for powering down the stepper motors;

- Added support to control Screen brightness and Auto power off;

- Added support for additional touch controller (supports ads7843 and XT2046);

All the schematics you will need will be added shortly to the instructions, so be patient :)