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Dessislav GouzgounovDessislav Gouzgounov 09/26/2017 at 14:300 Comments

In the recent days two new wonderful clones of the rDUINOScope software emerged. As you probably know, low level coding is closely related to the hardware you are using, thus it is not so easy to simply swap a TFT screen for example and use the one you have around in the workshop.

Thanks to Khairey Nouhe and Giacomo Mammarella we now have two clones of the software dealing with different TFT screens.

First one that Khairey did woks with Adafruit 3.5" 320x480 Color TFT Touchscreen using HX8357 chip and SPI mode. His adaptation of the code also benefits from the large size of the screen, without compromising on new features in v2.3.1. Check out the GitHub link:

The other clone made by Giacomo uses LI9488 480x320 px. display in SPI, instead of the original HX8352B 400x240 px, so bigger screen and less pin used. You can check the GitHub link:

Both makers have not only translated the code to talk to a different hardware, but also added functionality and cool graphics!

rDUINOScope Boiana is now truly an Open Source Project!

Here are few screenshots from Khaire's port of rDUINOScope Boiana v2.3.1

Here is a screenshot from Gigi's port of rDUINOScope Boiana v2.3.1