• "Missing line number"

    Jason10/18/2017 at 19:05 0 comments

    In Repetier dev the bug "Missing line number" is fixed.

    So id updated it. And it works now with the same gcode id had the problem.

  • Quiter and smoother surfaces

    Jason10/17/2017 at 22:04 0 comments

    Modified the acceleration to get a lot of smoother surface. Also fixed that i forgot to add the printing Fan.

    The Z axis "compression" problem flew away with this release. The printer is a little bit quiter now.

  • Fixed firmware bug of compressed objects in z axis

    Jason09/27/2017 at 19:44 0 comments

    Objects were compressed in Z height by factor 0,75. Updating to the dev version from Repetier solved that problem. Do not ask me why that happened. Under files id uploaded a newer version of the firmware. Do not forget to Reset your EEPROM.

  • Firmware working now

    Jason09/17/2017 at 15:17 0 comments

    Id got the firmware working well now. Ive got super smooth prints now.

    (Check under project files the archive with the firmware)

    Next step is to interface the led bar and lcd display of the printer.
    If some of you want to already mod their printer.

    Id replaced the X carriage with the following:


    Im using the original PSU included in the printer yet, because i have to replace the bed fuse to be able to use 24V.

    For the stepper drivers im using the following from Watterott:


    ATTENTION: Youll have to cut the pins on CFG1-2 to enable SilentChop.


    Id replaced my printer bed because id broke mine....


    Its just the standard mk3 alu heat bed.

    Ill will post photos and chematics when im ready with the lcd display and led bar.

    (Ill have to find the currect adapter for the lcd cable....)

  • 8.04.2017

    Jason04/08/2017 at 12:16 0 comments

    Removed the original printer board and supply
    Use BETTER cables for the steppers to prevent the common DaVinci X-Axis problem!
    Got a temp. 48V power supply, in future i will use an PSU that fits in the printer.