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Playing with ESP8266 to try and detect cigarette smoke

scott.brustscott.brust 04/14/2017 at 06:060 Comments

Well my two new sensors arrived from mouser today. I wired up the I2C version and quickly got it talking to my arduino. I'm calling this iteration 'version 2'. The chip is sending me valid data so I know I didnt fry it when hooking it up. I have yet to parse out the data its sending but it seems EXTREMELY sensitive when I expose it to some gas from a lighter, much more so than the analog MQ-2 sensor. All in all this looks like a promising replacement to the crappy MQ-2 (I would hope so since this sensor is around 4x more expensive).

I also cleaned up my breadboard versions. The 'Receiver' part is basically done so ill solder that to a perma-proto board and close that part out. The 'Sensor' part continues to evolve. I have a version 3 in mind even yet that I'm working on that will cut out a lot of the redundant parts of this solution. Stay tuned...