PC board layout copper design finished

A project log for True-Random Number Generator

Modern security and cryptography call for a source of true-random numbers. This design creates them from thermal noise in a resistor.

Tom AndersonTom Anderson 04/29/2017 at 23:310 Comments

I have uploaded the latest EAGLE file.

Learning EAGLE has been an adventure. There was one crash that kept happening and it really bothered me. I was able to get help from EAGLE support with recovery. To me, the way the backup files work was not intuitive. For some reason I don't understand, I have stopped doing whatever was causing the crashes, for the most part.

I also tried the BOM upload feature for the Findchips interface, but it did not like my Digi-Key part numbers. I was able to chat with the Findchips developers and they are interested in adding this feature. I like distributor part numbers because they solve various issues:

Here is what I told them:

"I have multiple manufacturer part numbers for each part, because I've already thought about multiple sourcing and have an Approved Manufacturer List (AML)

I like Digi-Key part numbers, because they are truly unique (MPNs are not unique! The same MPN can be used by different manufacturers for totally different products.) Manufacturer Names or IDs are not controlled keywords, unless you get into using Dunn's numbers (which I am not).

I like Digi-Key (or other distributor) part numbers because they distinguish cut tape from a whole reel of parts, or the different carriers for chips, etc.

MPNs sometimes vary with packaging, also, for example how many parts are on the reel, the width of the reel, etc.

Ideally, I would like a BOM spreadsheet .xlsx template that supports an AML and Digi-Key part numbers."