BT-1's first outing

A project log for Star Wars: BT-1 the Blastomech

BT-1 was introduced in the Star Wars Darth Vader comic books as a twisted mirror version of R2-D2. BT-1 is the first and only Blastomech.

kenneth-zabornyKenneth Zaborny 03/11/2018 at 23:030 Comments
All the hard work paid off. BeeTee made it to Pensacon 2018. He did not do too badly for a first outing. There were issues such as parking problems that forced BT-1 to take a 3 block hike to the convention center. This showed a failing with his center foot. The side walk cracks proved to be too much and I lost the entire center foot shell. The newly printed one is much stronger and I will be upgrading to omniwheels over the casters. The left foot motor also failed late on the final day. I'm afraid it's time to replace.