Another outing

A project log for Star Wars: BT-1 the Blastomech

BT-1 was introduced in the Star Wars Darth Vader comic books as a twisted mirror version of R2-D2. BT-1 is the first and only Blastomech.

kenneth-zabornyKenneth Zaborny 04/24/2018 at 16:130 Comments

BeeTee made his way to Forward City Con in Foley, Alabama a couple of weeks ago. In between the cons I rebuilt his center foot and replaced his failed motor.

This was also his first con with the chain gun attached. I found a weak spot in my mounting. The glue gave way and the rocket salvo and gun drooped. I already fixed that with a proper application of PVC glue. I did not have his gun "working" for the event. The other droid guys and the 501st group backed out because of the threat of severe weather so I couldn't spare a few moments to reprogram the arduino and route a few new wires.

Thankfully I made BeeTee's attachments easy to remove. I took his weapons off shortly after the drooping started.

Here's a short video of BT-1's much improved movements. The only real problem left to solve is the fact his dome doesn't turn very easily now. I am not sure if the bearing is binding or if it is something else.