New loadout for BT-1

A project log for Star Wars: BT-1 the Blastomech

BT-1 was introduced in the Star Wars Darth Vader comic books as a twisted mirror version of R2-D2. BT-1 is the first and only Blastomech.

kenneth-zabornyKenneth Zaborny 03/18/2022 at 04:020 Comments

Like all my other projects, BeeTee has been sitting in a corner untouched for nearly 2 years. He did get out for Free Comic Book day in August 2021 but that was it. There's a small event coming up that I'd love to take him too but he can't go without a new weapon, right? Enter the Bubble Gun!

I think I am going to have a blast with pun intended. I can't fire the foam darts at conventions but bubbles have never hurt anyone...I think. I still need to "star wars up" the mounting area but I've got the gun itself wired into the droid and triggered by the same relay I use on the foam dart guns. 

I also FINALLY solved his dome spinning issue. My bearing was bent so I ordered a new one, tore it down, cleaned out the heavy grease, drilled, and reassembled it. He can properly look around now. I just need to order some delrin balls to replace the steel ones because it is LOUD.