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WiFi/BLE --> LoRa bridge

morganmorgan 04/19/2017 at 20:390 Comments


I'm in that antsy space where I want to send this off to OSHPark but I know this circuit isn't up to snuff. A couple of obvious changes I'm working on right now..

FT2232 Outta here

Initially I picked the FT2232 because of it's dual UART capabilities. I'd thought I would be communicating with both devices a lot more during development but reading up on using the RN2903 this probably won't be the case. I won't be doing any firmware development for the LoRa radio, instead focusing on the ESP32 which will in turn talk to the RN2903. So I'm going to switch to a less expensive USB->UART device for the ESP32 and provide a breakout header on the RN2903 UART1 pins. What's your go to USB > UART chip?


All in all this is the weakest part of my circuit. I'm straight confused by parts of the USB +5V system. I'm not sure I have a good implementation of the LT3652*. And I'm fairly certain the two systems are not tied together correctly. So next up will be a ton of reading up on implementing a solar > Li-ion charge controller that will also accept USB. Suggestions welcome and appreciated!

*after a lot of reading, I'm confident the LT3652 is the right choice.

HaD Prize!

LoRaNet32 is gaining some traction! WoooO! This is particularly nice because as unlike my other entry the Any Colored Button, this one is quite serious and will cost a couple dollars to make. So far rough cost estimates put it at around $50 a board at prototype volumes. So! If you're following and haven't given it a Skull yet please do!