A project log for Weather Station PCB

DIY PCB for Weather Station

Miroslav ZuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 04/10/2017 at 11:590 Comments

At first, I want to write down what I want to do in this project:

  1. Make PCB with ESP12E
  2. Add USB to Serial converter
  3. Add battery & charging circuit
  4. Add touch TFT LCD & modify source code for it
  5. Add some humidity/temperature/preasure sensor (DHT11/22, BMP180) & modify source code for it
  6. Make custom enclosure (possibly similar to Ruiz Brothers)
  7. Have fun with it

So I had in my drawer for some time this TFT LCD and after what I saw project at Adafruit I decide to use it for this build. I looked at Squix Github for description of connection, and made it work with Nodemcu in breadboard:

To make it completely work, you have to connect to the AP which Nodemcu created (AP will be always on IP address ):

Click on Configure Wifi

Select network, insert password and click Save

When is everything OK, Nodemcu will tell you so and it will connect to that selected network.

After that will download files which are necessary for weather station sketch and will start up.

After that I did know that it will work, so I started my project in Autodesk (Cadsoft) Eagle. I will make separate log for every revision of my PCB so look at those if you are still interested in this project.