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A project log for Weather Station PCB

DIY PCB for Weather Station

Miroslav ZuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 04/10/2017 at 12:000 Comments

In my first revision I decided to go easy at first, so I made simple board which will contain these components:

I draw everything in Eagle and schematic looks like this:

Then I placed all parts where I thoughed will be appropriate :

After that I send my design to one of my friend which make PCB here in Czech Republic ( , waited for few days and pick one up. Sadly I have no picture before I start assembly of the board so here is how first board look like when I fineshed it.

How you can see my first design is not perfect. When I start testing of the board, I found out that I forget to make connection between 3.3V and LCD so for this is the red cable. Also I had bit of problem with power for ESP12E so I added silver "jumper" wire. After that board was working so I learn my mystakes and fixed them in revision B of the board.

This board take power from FTDI connection which you can see on left side of the board.