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full telescope control over WiFi using INDI on a RPi Zero W

Dane GardnerDane Gardner 05/30/2017 at 02:100 Comments

I wanted to get some photography of Jupiter's Great Red Spot while it was facing us, but unfortunately it was too early in the evening to do a proper alignment using Polaris. This meant that I'd have to hand align the telescope as my three minute exposure progressed. Normally this would involve using the corded hand controller, which meant I'd have to hold perfectly still to avoid introducing vibration into the telescope through the cord, but with my wireless controller, this was not only easy, but I could comfortably sit several feet away closer to my laptop screen! The result speaks for itself:

Equipment: C9.25 on AVX + Neximage 10

Parameters: Y800 640x480; 30FPS & 1/30s @ 3.5dB for 03:00

Processing: 3594 frames >> PIPP >> 1200 frames >> Registax 6