Kinect 3d Full Body Scaning Rig

I am going to build my own Kinect 3d scanning Rig for full body scanning

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This is not anything new, Its a 3d kinect full body scanner. I even think they have some on sale but I am going to build one for myself and document the info here. If some one whats to build one they can see how I did it and find the stuff I used and build one to. Yes the drawing is bad but what else do I need to show for it. I will replace it once its built.

So I like the Scan-O-tron 3000 so much in the way he has built it, and he keep updating it. Im going to modify his design to fit my needs.

1. I like the Idea to be-able to hand control it, but I dont want that to be my only way of controlling it so a stepper motor and a encoder will be added. I will want to add a motor off function.

2. I would like it to be more compact to I can take it places. If I could fold it up or fold it up well enough to connect it to the base that had wheels on it to roll it away would be nice.

3. Add lights to it. I always seem to be in a poorly lit room some where. I saw lights on one buy-able ver that looked like it might work.

4. Make the spinning base controllable from the stepper controller.

Please check out the Scan-O-Tron 3000 @ This is a great build and he has already upgraded the spinning base.

  • The Scan-O-Tron 3000 is going to be my guide

    Bobby Feather04/10/2017 at 17:00 0 comments

    I like how he built his turning base and all. I think Im going to upgrade it to use nema stepper motors to raise and lower the kinect up and down with a joystick. Or have programmed places for it to stop. I dont know we will have to tinker with it once it is built. Check out his Thingiverse page great info...........................

  • Knowing it works, Well the Kinect does anyways

    Bobby Feather04/10/2017 at 15:01 0 comments

    Well I just wanted to get started by testing my parts that I have. I have a win 10 laptop (nvidia video card) and a xbox one Kinect V2 and it scans great wile the subject is in the chair. I used windows Scan and build it software. I then worked with it and 3d printed the stl out to see what it would look like and for the first one I did it looked good. I have ordered a windows kinect v1 to use different software that they say works better with the type of rig Im building but we will see.

    This is it is Netfabb just checking to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it...

    This is it 3d printed it in purple for my wife so the details are hard to see but it does look good.

    If I tried to focus in on the object you could wouldn't see as much detail on it but the print came out well. Now I need to build my full body scanner. This is a bad drawing of my idea but you get the point .

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