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A project log for NTSC/PAL Video Display Shield

An Arduino NTSC/PAL video display shield with integrated framebuffer and composite video output.

magicwolfiMagicWolfi 05/28/2017 at 01:500 Comments

Finally the bare PCBs arrived from DirtyPCBs today. This time it took the full 8 weeks, which is OK. That is what they say with the slow shipping order. The quality is very good as usual. They even managed to put a solder dam between the pads of the 0.5mm QFP footprint. This will make hand soldering super simple. And they do panels if you put multiple designs on the board by yourself. They do nice thin slots and next time I will try mousebites for even easier separation. Now I am off to the soldering iron.

The little board is an in-line current source (* 78), which will be documented in its own project.