Although RobotDigg is an open warehouse for thousands of products, it's not easy for us to be specialist for every product, but in order to help customer better, we determined to study some integrated products of our partners by ourselves better in 2017, especially 3D Printers, Delta Robot Kossel or Rostock, Scara and Modular XYZ. New plan, RobotDigg member start to bring desktop machine home, study it as green hand one machine by one, and report what difficulties they meet for us to understand customer needs better. - See more at:

The picture showed one RobotDigg Lady made scara 3d printer work 1st time with no technical background but with her husband's help. Many thanks to RobotDigg families' support!

A simple worktable is setted up. Let's do it!

1,Plug in the power connect computer, don't use win 10. Win 10 will cause vibration. Win 7 Win 8 XP works fine.

2,Set up the driver and plug-in, printer operating system and other software
3,Set up the printer, load the model file, the slice configuration is set.
Scara Setup
4,Start printing
Problems comes:
Z-axis transfer does not move, manual operation on software does not move
Solution: The seat for leadscrew KP08 Pillow Block is too tight, Loosen it with a screwdriver

Well, start

Obviously failed
Material can not be implanted
Follow the sprinkler
This is a low-level error:
Borosilicate glass is too slippy to print
Masking tape onto the glass
Well, start
Half of the silk half out of silk
Half of the wire can not stick
Obviously The problem is that the print platform is not flat

Half too near half too far
Adjust the platform
Also adjust the Z-axis parameters
Hit half, do not move
Power off immediately
Encountered a problem unclear
The simplest direct and effective way is to restart the power
There may be a data line is encountered
The transmission is interrupted
It is also possible that the computer USB auto-sleep
The solution is plug-in re-play
This time they encounter a problem
Raise the Z axis when it ignores my command
Go directly to the left end of the stuck also stopped down
Decisive brain rusty funny
At this point of course, can only decisively restart
Prevention: Do not reset the Z axis alone, all the points on the OK reset.

Well, start again
(Why should I say again)
Ah, finally smooth

It takes 1 hour 17 minutes to print a small frog
Technology White can go to drink a coffee
Here omitted two thousand seconds ... ...
what! what happened
How do not spit silk baby
Above half empty?
The original is put supplies rack do too tight
The print wire is jammed.
Well, again.
Uh huh, twists and turns, and finally completed!
The general feeling:
This machine is still relatively primitive
But wins at affordable prices
The use of the process requires some manual adjustment of the place

It took a half day for them to prepare and started to print a frog, they tried several times, finally, a nice frog was ready. Good job!

Her 5-year daughter also felt its funning!

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