Ultimate Raspberry Pi Car-puter

Raspberry pi w/Media, Engine Management, Engine Tuning and Front & Rear cameras

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The hardware logistics are currently still under construction but rPi3 B+ will be the starting point. We will more than likely need more than 1 board to be able to efficiently use all the features in store but we will get to that later.

Also there will be several sensors installed inside the intake manifold and exhaust manifold which will link back two a Raspberry Pi digital face two. Forward facing camera will also be a Raspberry Pi camera with resolution at 1080p and a 180 degree lens with a infrared shroud complete with infrared lights and sensor. The rear-facing camera will be a 180 degree lens at 3 megapixels. Still deciding on whether it will be to 7 inch LCDs or one 15.4 inch widescreen monitor.

The main goal is to create a all-in-one solution that will monitor my engine management edit open source tuning media control backup camera dash camera possibly projected display with HUD info.

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